ready for COP28!

IMQ Group, IMQ Gulf, IMQeAmbiente : ready for COP28! 🌍

🌿IMQeAmbiente, along with IMQgroup and IMQ Gulf, is geared up to participate in COP28, showcasing its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration
on a global scale.

🇮🇹 Among the few private entities featured in the Side Events, IMQ eAmbiente will be hosted in the Italian Pavilion by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security.

📅 Save the Date: IMQ eAmbiente’s Event on December 11 – 15:30- 17:00 Dubai Time (12:30 -14:00 Italian Time)

Scheduled for December 11, IMQ eAmbiente’s event titled “Corporate Carbon Disclosure: Actions for Climate Change” promises to be a focal point for discussions on sustainable innovation, industrial best practices, and the critical intersection of the private sector with environmental policies.

🌍 Join In-Person or Virtually via Live Streaming

IMQeAmbiente, along with IMQgroup and IMQ Gulf, extends an invitation to interested participants who can join the event either in person or virtually through live streaming. The event will be broadcast live (without the possibility of replay through recording) on the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security’s YouTube channel, providing an accessible opportunity to engage with the insights and discussions of the event.

🎥 Live Streaming on the YouTube Channel of Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security’s 

Experience IMQeAmbiente’s, along with IMQgroup and IMQ Gulf, contributions to COP28 from anywhere in the world by tuning in to the live broadcast available on the official YouTube channel of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security: Link to the live streaming:

IMQeAmbiente’s participation in COP28 underscores the crucial role that the private sector plays in promoting sustainable practices and environmental protection. As a driving force in certification, testing, and inspection services, IMQ eAmbiente is ready to bring its expertise to the center of international discussions on climate action.


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